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This page may contain hints or spoilers as to where Geocaches are located.

Before placing the The Two Seasons of December - Gold Geocoin, I took some better pictures for my records.

Town: Bempton

This was a multipart cache through the nature reserve at Bempton, which we did whilst staying in Bridlington. Some of Becca's old uni mates helped us.

A truly great cache where we saw many birds nesting of the cliffs including Puffins.
Before we could find the cache we had to find information from 3 points first. This is one of the best caches we had done.

We left The Two Seasons of December - Gold Geocoin, and picked up a nice Geocoin.

Date found: 25/07/09

Pictures from the cache and nearby:

A nice picture of one of the many butterflies, we saw whilst at Bempton.

A picture of some of the cliffs.

A thistle and bug.
A puffin sat on the nest

Russell and Becca looking for the Cache.

More birds sat on a cliff.

The GeoGem that we found

Becca looking through the Cache.

John searching for the cache.

Dan finds the cache.

Replacing the Cache.

Town: Nr Scunthorpe

This was the third and final cache tonight, and a niche cache to end with on a country road.

The cache was quite well hidden but if you use the clue it's easy to find.

Date found: 21/07/09

Pictures from the cache and nearby:
The Cache Hidden away.

A sign post.
The gang just after finding the cache.

Town: Nr Scunthorpe.

This was the second find of the night and was night next to a train track, we were fortunate enough to see a train go by whilst we are there.

The cache was a small magnetic cache hidden is a great place.

We were able to park right next to the Cache.
Date Found: 21/07/09

Pictures from the cache and nearby:

A train goes by.
Can you see it?
Is it there?

The gang spread out to try and find the cache.

Town: Nr Scunthorpe.

The first cache of 3 on a lovely night of Geocaching with a large group of geocaches friends.

Not a lot of walking tonight as all of the caches were easily reachable by car.
This was good as it meant that we finished earlier then expected and we were able to go out for dinner together.

We found the Two Seasons of December - Gold GeoCoin here.

Date Found: 21/07/09

Pictures from the cache and nearby:

Some of the gang setting co-ordinates

Becca checking the Cache, whilst Steve looks on

Opening the Cache
An old telegraph pole

A pile of wood ;-)

The Two Seasons of December - Gold Geocoin.

I popped along to check out our cache today, just to make sure that it's still there (it is), and I got a great view, Brigg's family of Swans were taking shelter under the Bridge.

There are 9 babies in this batch but unfortunatly it looks like a single parent family.

A nice suprise for sure.

Here's a couple of pictures that

Today we went out to see the cliffs at Bempton whilst on the way to find a cache and we had a very enjoyable couple of hours there bird watching in fantastic sunshine.

Bempton Cliffs are famous for it's bird colonies and wildlife and it's easy to see way - there were literally thousands of birds flying and there are 5 really good vantage points from where to see the birds or to take nice photo's.

We even managed to see a puffin or 2.

After the birdwatching we went to find a cache is nearby Buckton, unfortunatly depsite the cache being found the day before we came back empty handed.

Pictures from the day:
Here he is - a Puffin that we saw at Bempton

A family of Gannets

A collection of Guillemot's

A pond we passed whilst looking for the cache.

An information board from Buckton