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Town: Bempton

This was a multipart cache through the nature reserve at Bempton, which we did whilst staying in Bridlington. Some of Becca's old uni mates helped us.

A truly great cache where we saw many birds nesting of the cliffs including Puffins.
Before we could find the cache we had to find information from 3 points first. This is one of the best caches we had done.

We left The Two Seasons of December - Gold Geocoin, and picked up a nice Geocoin.

Date found: 25/07/09

Pictures from the cache and nearby:

A nice picture of one of the many butterflies, we saw whilst at Bempton.

A picture of some of the cliffs.

A thistle and bug.
A puffin sat on the nest

Russell and Becca looking for the Cache.

More birds sat on a cliff.

The GeoGem that we found

Becca looking through the Cache.

John searching for the cache.

Dan finds the cache.

Replacing the Cache.


Fame! :) Yay


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