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Town: Scarborough

We visited this Cache on our first wedding aniversary and it proved the perfect backdrop to a fantastic day.

This is a nice Cache in the very beautiful Peasholm Park in Scarborough.
Peasholm Park has a very large boating lake and is famous for it's
Pagoda and wide variety of trees.
There are regular navel battles with miniature boats and concerts in the band stand.
The park provides an ideal home for a variety of wildlife, from ducks to

This cache was very nicely situated and with lateral thinking an easy find, although there are plenty of Muggels walking around to make it difficult. ;-)

Date Found 09/08/09
Pictures from the cache and nearby:

Part of the large and beautiful boating lake.

The park is home to lots of tame wildlife

Becca sat on a wishing well

A picture of one of the parks statues

Another section of the lake


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