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Town: Brindlington

Cache Description:

The cache box is only 1 litre in size and is placed in the grounds of Sowerby Hall, there are some cracking views of Bridlington available from the Cache area.

From the car park you must visit a prominent notice board at the waypoint shown on Sewerby Fields (this is through the field used as a car park at the bottom end of a small cluster of trees) to solve the answers to the poser as follows:

Study the tree formation on the board and working in an anti clockwise direction counting upwards from Revenge which is 0, you will find the full coordinates for the final cache location.

A - Defence, B - Colossus, C - Temeraire, D - Bellerophon, E - Achille, F - Mars.

N54 06.ABC W000 09.DEF

We really enjoyed this cache, if you don't feel like the walk then there is a good landtrain serice from Bridlington to Sowerby

Sowerby Hall and it's Zoo is well worth visiting

Date found: 04/05/09

Our Pictures from Cache:


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