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Town: Cleethorpes
Cache Description:
This cache is near a well known park in Cleethorpes, and provides a great (and relative cheap) day out. There are several Cache's near by, so the area is well worth the visit

Date found: 25/05/09

Our Pictures from the Cache and nearby:
A picture of some of the local wildlife in the Lake - there are many birds make their home here.

I originally thought that the Cache was hidden in these bushes but I was wrong.

It was hidden underneath the foot path.

Bex holding the cache.


Not sure if anyone has mentioned this but it's considered bad form to disclose the location and container of a geocache. It kind of spoils the hunt for other geocachers.

Hi Mickey.

Thanks for the comment. I know its tricky - I asked over at the forums and I removed some of the information I had previously posted.
Most people thought that as long as you don't publish the cache name or code, it would be ok.

That said after reading your comments I see no need to publish the co-oridnates either so I'll remove them now as well.

Many thanks for the food for thought.

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