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Town: Kidby

Cache Description:

This is the second time we have tried to find this cache, the first time we struggled but this time we found it.

The cache is hidden on a public footpath that takes you through farm land, and past an interesting pond.

The big issue about this Cache is the sheer quantity and size of the nettles, so we got stung - alot....but its all part of the adventure :-D

Date found: 04/06/09

Our Pictures from the Cache and nearby:

The farmer has put homes for wildlife out there.

On the way you pass a nice wildlife pond

Bex and Paul walking down the (long) path.

Bex got off to a head start.

Big fields
Paul with the cache
The cache under a rock

Paul and Bex looking through the Cache

Its somewhere in there.
Covered again.


Looks like a fun adventure! Nice photos!

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