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Town: West Butterwick.

Everynow and again it's good to come across a cache which you can't find, as geocaching needs to be a challenge.

A group of us set out for a nights geocaching and we were beaten by our first cache, which is hidden along the banks of a drainage ditch next to farmers fields.
Unfortunatly the nettles were really wild at the moment and after much stinging we decided to move on to the next cache and we will revisit this cache later in teh year.

Our Pictures from the Cache and nearby:

Young John looking under a small bridge.
John M getting stung

Paul hunting in a ditch


Yup, nettles have stopped me too. If you can find it, jewelweed will take the sting out of nettles.

Thanks for that Chris - it stung for days.

but it's all part of the fun ;-)

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